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Our tips on how you can start becoming HEALTHIER & FITTER. 

1. Eat Healthier!

Add more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts to your daily routine, they have so many health benefits!

2. Increase your Water Intake 

Great for your skin and health. Flushes out toxins, helps maintain blood pressure, prevents dehydration and and essential for your kidneys!

3. Quit Smoking!

Reach out for help. Quit the bad habit, learn your triggers for wanting a smoke, focus on finding a better habit to replace it. 

4.  Soak Up Some Sunshine on your Skin

We are so use to getting stuck indoors at work or home, or in the shade, that we forget to sit and soak up the sun. 5 to 15mins of sunlight on your arms, hands and face 3 times a weeks is a great Vitamin D boost!

5. Get a Good Nights Sleep!

A good sleep can improve your health amazingly! It can improve concentration and productivity. It can help you loose weight, improve your immune system and can make you feel GOOD!

6. Take Time Out To Destress and Relax. 

Stress is such a killer. We have such hectic lives, so much pressure. Time out for an hour a day, doing something that you love, like chilling out watching tv, gardening, bike riding or having coffee with a friend is a MUST. 

7. Start Exercising! 

Take one step at a time and work towards getting yourself active again. Walking along the beach or around your neighbour hood, yoga, boxing, swimming, basketball, or squash and even dancing! Anything that gets your heart pumping will help increase your fitness level. 


Stretching is something that we definitely do not do enough of! It improves flexibility, prevents muscle stiffness/tension, can decrease injuries too. Stretching increases blood flow, boosts oxygen levels and helps deliver nutrients to your muscles too. 

9. Include some Weight Training! 

Helps keep your bones strong and healthy. Boosts your metabolism, burns calories, helping with weight loss. Improves sleep, energy levels and strength levels. Its a win win situation!

10. Grab a Casual Visit at Powerhouse Gym.

Great way to connect with a community of like minded people that love working on their health and fitness. Our atmosphere is welcoming and encouraging. Great range of equipment with experienced Personal Trainers to help you with your goals. Our Casual Gym Visits won't break the bank, just $10 per visit, we are 5mins from the city, open Monday to Friday 6.30am to 8pm for casual visits and 9am to 4pm on weekends too. Bookings essential for all visitors due to the restrictions placed on the business during these strange times. 

Come and see us at 76 Churchill Road Prospect SA. 

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