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Our NEW security system has been installed and in line with the requirements from our new insurance company, we require ALL MEMBERS to upgrade to their new membership access fob to be able to use our premises & facilities during Staffed and non staffed hours. 


A new key pad has been installed that pairs up with our security system and each member is required to check in to our premises using their new access details. 


How do I upgrade to the new membership access?

Inline with our Insurance requirements, Management requires a current photo of your drivers license (with current address), a once off payment of $50 is required for your new access code, and you will receive an email with your new details to gain entry into the Gym during all hours. 

How much is the new membership ACCESS?

The once off payment is $50 and can be paid in cash or eftpos.

What is the new ACCESS DETAILS

Your new membership access is a NEW individual access code, that provides us with your authentication to securely facilitate access into our business premises during all opening hours of our business.


If I don't want to change to the new access, and I am a current member, can I use the Gym?

If the Gym is unstaffed, No.

If the Gym is staffed, YES. All members who haven't upgraded to our new access fob will need to complete a sign in waiver form each time they enter the premises. Members will only be able to use the facilities while Staff are present. Please note our Staffed hours have now changed. 


Click here to see our updated Staffed hours.


Thank you to those who have supported us with this move forward. 

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