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If these walls could talk..

A rare moment these days, but I stayed late til close last night.

When the doors are closed, weights packed away, lights off, and no one around..

There is a distinctive electric feeling in this peaceful darkness.

If only these walls could talk.. They'd tell us stories of lives changed around, stories of determination, tears of pain and fear, and moments of sacrifice and absolute motivation.

Stories of how this place has saved them.

There are so many that have walked through these doors in need of therapy and a place to escape from this hectic world. Hits my heart hard when one tells me how much this place has allowed them to live on this earth.

We are much more than a gym... There is so much history in this place. Decades of of friendships formed and camaraderie here. You can feel it immediately as you walk through the doors. There are thousands of stories we could learn from this place.

If fact, 15,695 days filled with so many moments.

Imagine the weight that has been lifted here, the amount of muscle built over the last 43years in the place is incredible. No one grows in a comfortable zone.

No one.

Just like a friend quoted.. "You can't duplicate that feeling from a new gym, it only happens over many years. Even on the few hours that no one is there, the energy lingers ready for the next workout to start.."

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