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2019 is the year for a fitter & stronger YOU!

A blink of an eye ago and it was January 1st 2019.

For those who made new years resolutions.

Was one of them to loose weight, get fitter, get toned and be stronger?

Well 6 months has gone fast..

It is now Tuesday June 25th 2019!

Fk me that has gone fast, hasnt it!

Who has put their new year resolutions into action?

Some probably have, some maybe a "little' and others couldn't be fucked lol

The couldn't be fk bit is the part thats stopping you from achieving your goals.

I get it, life is going fast and we are just getting busier and busier.

And there is a tonne of excuses exiting our mouths for not being able to get to the gym or even just achieving our 10k step goal.

If we want our goals, we need to take the time to exercise 3-4 a week for a minimum 30 mins. Trust me, it will only bring you good things. Just getting started it the hard part.

We can help you with your goals here at this Adelaide Gym.

But ultimately you have to be the person that shows up and put in the work day in and day out.

How do you get started? With one step at a time.

10 tips on how to get fit and strong again.

1. Always eat breakfast.

2. Eat nutritious clean portion size foods at least 4 times a day.

3. Don't be afraid of carbs.

4. Add variety to your food intake. (chicken and rice is boring, leave that shit to us bodybuilders lol )

5. Count your daily calorie intake (some foods you think are good for you are HIGH in calories)

6. Pressed for time to exercise? Fast walk around your neighbourhood. Start with 15mins and increase by 5mins every 1-2 weeks.

7. Go to your local gym and do a casual visit with them once a week. Here at the Powerhouse Gym, we always offers $5 casual visits. So take advantage of it!

8. Ask your social media friends if they want to join in with you too. Bonding sessions with friends can be one of the best endorphin moments.

9. Write your goals down, stick them on your fridge.

10. Loose the excuses, Have heart & Be accountable for your goals.

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