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Bodybuilding transformations

So you want to change your physique so you look like one of the best bodybuilders.

You've googled the best of the bodybuilders in your state and overseas.

Watched all the video's of them training on youtube, instagram and facebook.

You've studied them, felt their energy, seen their pain, witnessed the sweat and hard work they've put into it. You can talk the talk, know all of their lingo. Know their words, what they say during training. Wanted, craved, dreamed that goal they're achieving for themselves..for you.

But you only want to achieve this goal between certain hours of the day.

And you're only available between Monday to Friday to commit to it.

I hate to burst your bubble.

But goals like this requires sacrifice.

Sacrifice defines the difference between the ordinary and greatness.

Putting in the hard work when you are over tired, stressed or hungry.

Fitting in all your cardio and training on the days that are jammed packed with family, work, life commitments. That means late nights and super early mornings at the gym, and putting in the hard work on the days that you have zero energy, and don't even feel like you want to train.

Your food needs to be weighed everyday. You're in a deficit eating plan, so you're tired, very hungry, experience huge cravings and often eating out of tupper ware at family/work/friend functions. (including birthdays, engagements, weddings etc)

The smell of foods will tempt you 24/7, actually just watching food videos on social platforms will tempt you! People around you will be eating/making amazing food around you constantly but no snacking, take a bite, or cheating out of your eating plan for months is allowed.

Sound easy? It's not.

There's pain and discomfort on a daily basis.

You can't work on this goal just from Monday to Friday.

There's a lot that goes behind the scenes to achieve these transformations.

This goal is achievable!

Not many will understand your goal, but we will.

It requires YOU to put in the HARD WORK.

Have heart, stay persistent and determined for your goal.

24/7, 7 Days a Week


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