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Stallholders Terms & Conditions 

from 1.1.23


All Stall sites are rented on a casual per day basis. 

Our Stall Site fee's are available to view on our application form.

Hire is available but limited for the following items:

  • power, trestle table, umbrella marquee, 3x3 marquee


All Stall sites must be paid in full by the stated date in our invoice. Please note the site will be forfeited if payment is not made by the date that is stated in the confirmation email invoice sent to them. 

PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE is compulsory for all Stallholders. 

Individuals, non profit, community, young artists and business must have a minimum of $10mil cover. Currently our business is not able to offer you PL cover. If you do not have current insurance, you will need to provide a current PL certificate with the day that you confirm your stall with payment. We recommend the following market insurance either as a yearly or per day option.


The Stall-holder is responsible for bringing ALL of their own items, chairs, umbrella's, marquees, clothing racks etc with taking full responsibility for their set up. Only Food stalls have power included. 

All Stalls must have either a Marquee or an Umbrella Marquee. If the weather is windy, Stallholders must secure their Stalls down with weights. 

Stallholders are required to display their stalls in a vibrant, attractive manner, and tidy and clean at all times, with Stalls being attended to at all times during the events. 

Stallholders MUST set up on time and within the time of bump in and out as instructed on the emails sent to each Stall-holder. 

Stallholders must possess a cheerful and friendly disposition with great customer service. Negative, aggressive or disruptive behaviour towards Staff or customers will not be tolerated. We understand that dealing with customers at times can be frustration, however we ask you to keep it professional. If an incident occurs, please alert us immediately so that we can assist you in this matter. 

Stallholders must be transparent with what they are selling. We do not condone dangers activities that will place other stallholders at rest, injury or death. If you are selling 

Stallholders cannot leave or pack up until the event time has close or unless Management has advised.

Stall positioning will be determined my Management only.

Stallholders are responsible for taking away all rubbish. We encourage recycling and sustainability, please dispose of all materials in the appropriate bins provided.

We (Markets In Prospect/Powerhouse Trust) do not hold responsibility from expenses arising occurring from theft/damage of the Stallholders goods. 

Forced Closure of Events

If the Government restricts events from moving forward or if a lockdown occurs. The Market will rescheduled to another date with payments held and applied to the following Market date that is scheduled.  The Stallholder will be given the choice of a refund if they do not wish to participate too. 

Our Markets in Prospect are located in an outdoor paved area. The Markets will continue through rain or shine. In the event of extreme weather of  hail, 38+ degrees, or gust of wind of 30+ will result in a cancellation of the Markets with a refund or a transfer to the next date offered in the event of the decision of the Organiser. 

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If in the event that you are unable to attend the Market date, and have paid for your site. Notice via email must be no later than 12 days before the date of the Market that you have registered for. Failure to inform us via an email, will result in a cancellation of receiving credit or a refund. 

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