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Tamara Lowe's Transformation

Congratulations Tamara

What a journey this was for you. 

Despite being a busy Mum of 2, working as a school teacher she has done really well with managing training, learning about what she can eat and what foods to avoid. 

She gave her all in every session and we were super proud to witness her strength and fitness develop over the weeks. 


Weight Lost - 7.2kgs

Body Measurements - Lost 26cms

Lost 7.79% body percentage

Congratulations Ashley

Thank you for coming to us Ashley and pushing yourself. 

Fantastic to see you and your sister working hard together and encouraging each other in each session. Just amazing with how much you had changed in the challenge. 

Looking forward to working with you in the future


Weight Lost - 7.9kgs

Body Measurements - Lost 28cms

Lost 7.70% Body Percentage

Ashley Lowe's transformation
Andrew Gray's transformation

Congratulations Andrew

A determined man of 48yrs young who loved every bit of this challenge. 

It has been a pleasure to work with you and to see your transformation.

We can see this is only the start of your training journey. Thank you for choosing us to help you. 


Weight Lost - 5.6kgs

Body Measurements - Lost 18cms

Loosing 5.34% of his body percentage. 

Congratulations Haley

Battling a few issues in the first weeks and then realising her love of crumpets had to go lol

Hayley's progress over the 12 weeks improved little by little. 

Well done to putting110% into your sessions with Kenny each week. 

We hope that you will keep persevering with incorporating your cardio, your training and still keeping the habit of eating clean and regularly, so you have energy for your daily job!

Weight Lost - 4.9kgs

Body Measurements - Lost 37.5cms

Lost 4.89% Body Percentage

Haley Irvine's Transformation
Jake Lowick's transformation

Congratulations Jake

Winner of one of our 12 week challenges. 

 What a champion he is. He consistently put in the hard work and every week we all noticed the big changes with him.

Weight Lost - 15.6kgs

Body Measurements - Lost 34+cms

Congratulations Heathy D

Loosing 9.2kgs and 49cms off of his body!!
Loosing an awesome 9.27% body fat!
Fantastic Effort Heath.. 
Your commitment to this challenge has brought you great results
He won our Body Transformation Challenge and 
$1000 in cash with 1 year membership to the House too.

Healthy D's transformaion
Emily Gillards transformations

Congratulations Emily Gillard

Emily's transformation was absolutely inspiring. 

She is human like the rest of us and was needing some time to invest in herself after giving all her time and attention to her clients.

We are incredible proud of the hard work you put into yourself Emily. 

The results speak for themselves.

Weight Lost - 6.3kgs

Body Measurements - Lost 23cms

Lost 4.73% Body Percentage

Congratulations Lou Lou

Lou is an absolute joy to work with and we have had so many funny moments with her. 

Thank you for choosing us to help you start your body transformation. 


Weight Lost 2.5kgs

Body Measurements - Lost 28cm 
Lost 3.12% Body Percentage

Lou's tranformation
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