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Quote for 2021

"You don't build character sitting on the couch!

You have to put in the fucking work."

- David Goggins

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Be part of Adelaide'a Powerhouse Gym in Prospect.  

Great community gym with motivating training vibes & a friendly gym atmosphere. Very different environment to all commercial gyms, Powerhouse focuses on connecting with their local community who support them. We are not a health club, or a luxury, we are more than 'just a gym'. Keen on signing up?  Click to view our membership options!

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Established in 1981 on 76 Churchill Road Prospect.

Original owners were Alan Maynard & his wife with Eddie Turner, selling the business to Tony and Rose Bobridge decades later. Jason and Leigh Bednarz  were hired and successfully managed the Gym for a memorable decade, and Stephanie took over 2014, as the first female owner in decades that it had been opened.  The same love of "HARDCORE"  old school gym training is alive between our walls today as it was years ago, igniting the same fire in the hearts of those who come to train here. 

New business changes since re opening after covid closure. 

All visitors now required to use our system to confirm their casual visit. 

"Great hardcore gym with a friendly atmosphere that caters to any fitness level. The owner of the gym Steph is a legend and along with her staff, all members are made to feel welcomed like family. Highly recommended.
- Luke Schembri

Leg room at Adelaide's Powerhouse Gym


Weekdays 7am - 8pm

Saturday 8am-4pm

Sunday 9am-4pm

Public holidays 9-2 

Visitors MUST confirm their session BEFORE they enter the Gym due to the restrictions placed on our business.

Payments are always taken at the desk. 

Powerhouse Gym Rated Top 3 Gym in Adelaide for 2018
Powerhouse Gym Rated Top 3 Gym in Adelaide for 2019
Powerhouse Gym, Rated Top 3 Gym in Adelaide
2021 Rated Top 3 Gym in Adelaide

"I love everything about this gym, the equipment, the old school vibe, the people, the staff and especially the LED lights around the place and it's very clean unlike other gyms I've been too. Couldn't say a bad thing about this place"  - Stephen

Meet the owner, Stephanie


Need help with your strength and fitness goals?

Lacking motivation and need help with getting back into routine with what to eat or how to train?

Need to loose weight for your health? 

We are here to help you with your goals!

Exceptional Trainers are at the House, with years of applied experience in strength & fitness. 

Click the links and book in today. 

Rated Top 3 Gyms in Adelaide

"Encouraging our community to embrace 2021 as a year to start improving your health & fitness. My House is a place where you can train in peace, in a safe environment, and find some therapy away from this crazy world. A reminder that it's never too late to start working towards a stronger you." 
Powerhouse's Owner Stephanie

Whats Happening at the House