Voted as one of Adelaide's Top 3 Best Rated Gyms in 2021!

Quote for 2021

"You don't build character sitting on the couch!

You have to put in the fucking work."

- David Goggins

kids bootcamp at Powerhouse Gym


Encouraging the kids and youth in our community to participate in the City of Prospect's Get Active Program in April School Holidays. 

Powerhouse is reaching out & encouraging kids to join our mixed Bootcamp Sessions. 

Each session will be focusing on co-ordination skills, resistance training and fitness in a friendly gym community environment and of course making sure it will be stacks of fun too!

Available Monday 19th April to Thursday 22nd April at 5pm to 5.35pm. 

All Kids Bootcamp Sessions are FREE. Bookings essential. 

NOW AVAILABLE - $9.95 Direct Debit Membership


Established in 1976 on 76 Churchill Road Prospect.

Original owners were Alan Maynard & his wife, Eddie Turner, and then Tony and Rose Bobridge. Jason and Leigh Bednarz managed the Gym for a successful and memorable decade, and in 2014 Stephanie took over as the first female owner. Still the same love of "HARDCORE" training is alive between our walls today, igniting the same fire in the hearts of those who come to train here. 



We renovated while we were in lock down! New Security System, scan in system & book in system introduced for visitors.

"Fantastic local gym with great equipment. Has the old school vibes but the gym-goers push you to train hard.

Staff are always awesome and super friendly. Boss Lady Steph is my fave." 

- Mims Nguyen



Be part of Adelaide'a Powerhouse Gym in Prospect.  

Great community gym with motivating training vibes & a friendly gym atmosphere. Very different environment to your commercial gym.  

Powerhouse Gym is hugely focused on connecting with their local community who support them. We are not a health club, or a luxury, we are more than 'just a gym'. 

Interested in signing up? Click to view our membership options, what it includes or fill out a membership form online today!


"Great hardcore gym with a friendly atmosphere that caters to any fitness level. The owner of the gym Steph is a legend and along with her staff, all members are made to feel welcomed like family.

Highly recommended


- Luke Schembri

Prospect's Powerhouse Gym in Adelaide


2020 was a huge year of change for us and for many others. These new changes for our business is to keep our members and current visitors feeling safe during these strange times. 

Introducing a new security system for our members and a new booking system introduced for all visitors. Visitors hit the button to book your visit. 


Towels must still be used on the equipment when training. Please take note that hospital grade sanitising spray stations are located around the gym & hand sanitisers are provided too. Our usual Powerhouse Gym culture must be complied too. 

Staff and Management reserve the right to remove or refuse entry to anyone not wanting to comply to our gym hygiene rules.

Once again, we thank our community for supporting this SA small business! 

Powerhouse Gym, Rated Top 3 Gym in Adelaide
2021 Rated Top 3 Gym in Adelaide


Need help with your fitness & strength goals? 

We have an exceptional team of Trainers here at the House. 

Here to help you with weight loss, gaining strength and muscle, shaping your physique or even helping you get back into a good training or eating routine. 

2020 taught us, our health, fitness and mental state is something that always needs to be taken care of.

Reaching out to my community and I encourage you to embrace everyday of 2021 as a year to look after yourself physically and most importantly mentally. Be brave. Have courage. It's never to late to start working towards a stronger, fitter & healthier you! It's never to late to 

- Stephanie, Powerhouse Gym Owner


Members  5am-8pm

Visitors  7am-8pm 

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8am to 4pm

 Rated as Top 3 Gym in 2020 by Three Best Rated. Thank you for the support.


9am to 4pm

Powerhouse Gym Rated Best Gym in Adelaide


Bookings essential

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