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Term & Conditions


The term of this contract with PAYSMART is 48wks with $50 upfront payment towards your membership making it a 52week membership. 

A non refundable payment of $100 (+ $50 membership payment) is required upon signing up + proof of your current id and completion of a membership form with Staff.

The break down of this payment is a $50 admin fee + $50 payment towards your membership + once off non refundable $50 access fee.

The $50 payment towards your membership will only be added to the end of your contract, making it a 52 week membership if the following does not occur:

  • request for an early exit of your contract

  • request to pause your contract (unless presenting us with a medical certificate with dates)

  • defaults more than twice in payments

  • closes their bank account

  • do not adhere to our culture or rules


PAYSMART is the business used for our direct debit membership with all direct debit forms available only online via our website. Please see the links.


ALL direct debit payments occur a PAYSMART fee.

The fee is a reoccurring fee of $1.30pw & a once off Paysmart admin fee of $5. PAYSMART reserves the right to apply a fine of $15.00+ each time you default on your payment & any other fees stated in their contract. 


If client needs to cancel their direct debit they need to forward through an email to and the cancellation request will be made within 1-2 working day.

NON CONTRACT DIRECT DEBIT membership  is from $19.95pw

The term of your contract is a max 52 week period.

A non refundable payment of $100 is required upon signing up + proof of your current id and completion of a membership form with Staff.

The break down of this non refundable payment is a $50 admin fee + once off $50 access fee.

If the client defaults more than twice their contract will be immediately cancelled.


Clients who have had their direct debit cancelled, cannot re sign as a direct debit customer again.

Our upfront payment for membership is available only.


ALL members are charged a once off access fee. This is a once off non refundable payment of $50.

An email with the finer details of our terms and conditions for access into the House will be sent to you.


Client's who are on direct debit payments can be paused for one period up to 1 month due to either personal injury or medical reasons only. It is the clients duty to contact us via email to provide a medical certificate stating the injury, medical reason, with specific dates from the Doctor when they cannot train. If this is not provided, membership will not be paused.


If Powerhouse Gym is forced to close due to stupid Government regulations, payments will be paused immediately and resume on the date when the business is allowed to trade again.

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