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To my Members & Visitors,


What a year it has been for us all! 

An absolute shit show to be honest. As a small business owner this has been the toughest year that I have had to battle in business but I would like to reach out and say a big thank you my members and visitors for your continual support this year.

Every time the Government forces us to close, an overwhelming amount of people reach ou via text,  on ig, messenger, text or email with words of support and encouragement. I am extremely grateful for all your kind words. 


As we approach the Christmas Season, I cannot stress enough to check on your quiet friends. If someone is alone, reach out, text, call, drop in, bring food and connect with them. Small gestures of kindness will go a long way at the moment. Financially, this year's Christmas will be the toughest in years for thousands of families who are feeling the ripple affect of the Government forcing businesses to close and many jobs lots from the effect. 

To my Members, don't forget to save in your diaries,  our Powerhouse New Years BBQ Event.

Kicking off on Saturday 16th January from 2pm, with lots of food, fun, and music with DJ Josh on the decks!!

This is our Christmas event reschuled, and I PROMISE it will be one hell of an event for everyone. 

Invitations will be given out to you very soon with a link for you to RSVP. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy, prosperous 2021. 

Enjoy whatever break you can get over this festive season and make sure you celebrate New Years Eve loudly!

Take care Powerhouse Friends. 

See you soon. 



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