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We are on the hunt for the names, and addresses of a two thieving crack addicts who drove in to our carpark (76 Churchill Road Prospect SA) in a car like a dark Ford Festiva at approx 2.30am on the 6th December. 
They stole a very heavy white Strongman yoke, attempted to lift a 140kg stone (failed), and decided to take our brooms and mops too 🙄

This yoke is extremely heavy and had been stacked away after our Jordan Biggie gave them to us to use for Sunday the 9th December 2018 StrongMan/Women event. 

We would appreciate as may people sharing the post that is on facebook so we can find out who they are, recover this Strongman Yoke and continue to provide our community with great strength events like the one on Sunday. 

We have attached photos of the offenders and of Biggie's Record Breaking Yoke too. 

If you know any information about these two scumbags, please send us a text on 0401312350 or an email at

Thank you to everyone of the Adelaide community for getting behind us, showing us your support and sharing they post so many times. 

I really appreciate it. 

~ Stephanie 

Powerhouse Gym Director

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